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From 2006 the company you can trust for your marine offshore installations


Quality Works & Reliable with clients

Purchaser's representative for Oil & Gas and Telecomunication industry


Quality Works & Reliable with clients

Consultancy for marine installation projects


Quality Works & Reliable with clients

Recruitmen services for high quality staff


Quality Works & Reliable with clients

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The company you can trust for your marine offshore installation

Quality Work

When we manage a project, we always do it using the most effective way and the most efficient technology. A careful planification in conjunction with our proven work procedure guarantee a 100% success.

Key word “Safety”

The safety for our personnel, our customers, environment that host us and that we must safeguard is very important for us. Our health and safety at work policy is designed to guarantee workers and other stakeholders that are always protected during the execution of all activities in offices, construction sites and other workplaces.


We care that our staff possess the knowledge and skills necessary to provide a quality service, ensuring customer satisfaction. In house facilities for training and a constant evaluation of the performance of our personnel guaranty that our personnel are highly trained and skilled.

We trust our team

Our team is our biggest and precious asset. It represents our company and we want it highly skilled and reliable. Rigorous selection and continuous training are our keys to obtain it.

About us

Reliability and innovation are the values that direct our work

Why Choose Us?

Explorer Marine SBoSS was established in 2006 and has been industry standard since then.
ENI, Google, RTI Cable, Huawei, Elettra TLC, Fujitsu and many others have chosen us for their projects.
We consider your project our top priority and we dedicate to it all our effort.

EXPLORER MARINE SBOSS Quality Policy represents the commitment of the Management to achieve the company targets through the application to all the activities of an effective and efficient Quality Management System which reflects the requirements of the main international standards. The above services are provided by understanding the customer requirements and expectations and by using equipment and systems technologically advanced. A constant monitoring of the provided performances allows to implement the appropriate actions to preserve an high level of Quality of the service in order to achieve the customer satisfaction. The company uses adequate processes of selection and evaluation and a consequent training program in order to guarantee that all the jobs are carried out by high competence personnel. Employees are encouraged to apply the guidelines of the Quality Management System during the development of all the activities. The company believes that supplier's reliability is an essential requirement for the provision of services to be realized by selecting those suppliers which refer to the same principles adopted by the company in relation of Quality. Company and employees have to comply with all mandatory National and International rules / regulations and guidelines or codes as well as the organization internal rules. Such policy is disseminated within all the levels of the organization and the its relevant work’s areas in order to make aware our people, customers and suppliers of the values which lead our work.

EXPLORER MARINE SBOSS considers the health and safety of each of its employees to be of primary importance because recognizes the right of workers to work in a safe and healthy work environment. Our objective is to conduct our business in the safest possible manner consistent with the Occupational Health & Safety Act, applicable Regulations and good work practices. Furthermore, EMS recognizes that the responsibility for health and safety are shared. All employees will be equally responsible for minimizing accidents within our facilities and on our work sites: all Management, Superintendents, Supervisors and workers are required to make every effort to ensure that EMS meets all legislative requirements and maintains the highest safety standards. The attitude and cooperation in the promotion of accident prevention will assist in achieving our goal to make the sites of EMS a better place to work. The EMS is committed to provide both an adequate control of health and safety risks arising from work activities and a proper maintenance of plant and equipment, and to ensure use of substances. Finally providing the adequate training to ensure employees are competent to do their work is a major continuing objective for EMS. EMS carries out the following actions in order to ensure that this Policy is put into practice: · Safe work practices and job procedures are clearly defined in the company’s H&S Management System and disseminated within the organization; · System in place for routine inspections and testing of the equipment; staff trained in safe handling/use of equipment and substances; · Staff and subcontractors given necessary health and safety induction and provided with appropriate training and personal protective equipment; · Investigating and identifying the causes of incidents and hazards to health on all company worksites and assurance that practical remedial actions are implemented to prevent recurrence. · Relevant risk assessments completed and actions arising out of those assessments implemented in order to mitigate the risks. · Engagement and consulting with employees on day-to-day health and safety conditions and providing advice and supervision on occupational health. Disregard or willful violations of this Policy by employees at any level may be considered cause for disciplinary action in accordance with the company’s policies.

EMS recognizes and accepts that concern for the environment is a fundamental part of the company’s business strategy. EMS operates in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations during the development of offshore and onshore projects. The company will actively control and monitor the effects of its activities on the environment and follow the protective measures adopted in the worksite for the storage, handling and disposal of all potentially hazardous substances and wastes in order to manage it in a safe and proper manner. EMS Environment Management System, based upon the requirements of ISO 14001, has been designed to implement this Policy. The Management, Superintendents, Supervisors are committed to disseminate this document within the organization in order to make the employees aware about environmental topics. Furthermore, the Management provides the appropriate training, personnel and resources to ensure that this Policy can be implemented effectively. EMS workers are expected to conduct their work in a manner compatible with the requirements, procedures and objectives included into the Environmental Management System. They are encouraged to a responsible use of resources throughout our business, including conserving energy and water use and improving energy efficiency.

Alcohol and other drugs affect concentration, co-ordination and performance. It is recognised that the effects of alcohol and other drugs may result in inefficiency, accidents and absenteeism into the workplace. Therefore no employee may be under the influence of any illicit drug or alcohol while in the work place, while on duty, or while operating a vehicle or equipment. EMS recognises its employees as its most valuable resource and is committed to providing a working environment, which is a healthy and safe one for the entire workforce. Consequently the main aim of this policy is to promote health, safety and welfare of all employees of EMS. The successful implementation and establishment of this policy is the responsibility of all employees. The Management, Superintendents and Supervisors have responsibilities in relation to the policy implementation, including: · Being familiar with the policy and its procedures; disseminating them within the organisation; · Providing information on the policy and encouraging employees who may have an alcohol and other drug related problem to seek assistance voluntarily; · Monitoring and evaluating the job performance of the employees; · Ensuring the policy is kept under review and, if necessary, that amendments are proposed. The possession, distribution, transfer, purchase, sale, use, or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is strictly prohibited by EM SBoSS and leads to disciplinary actions, including the removal from the site or vessel and the project. Employees must report any and all prescribed and over the counter medications or substances to their immediate supervisor prior to any use on working days: such medicines and substances could affect safety and job performance of the employee and of the team in the work place. Pursuant to this policy, EM SBoSS may require an employee involved in a job related accident to be tested for drug and/or alcohol use by approved medical institution: positive test results will disqualify an applicant from employment, immediate dismissal will be applicable. Refusing to cooperate with these procedures will be a violation of this policy and may be cause for disciplinary action, including termination.

Our Services

Explorer Marine Sboss know-How cover all aspects of a customer offshore project, from conceptual phase and designing to implementation, operation, maintenance and upgrades

Positioning Services for Offshore construction

We provide a wide range of survey, positioning and data management services using the most advanced equipment and techniques to our clients across many industry sectors

Assistance for marine fiber optical cable installation

FOC System lay is one of the main activity of explore marine sboss. The company have grown and accumulated a wide experience trough thousands of Km of FOC cable laid around the word. We are able to assist you in all aspect of the realization of a submarine FOC cable system.

Specialized Man power supply

Human resource is a critical aspect of every project. Know How, commitment and reliability are the key aspect of every successful project. We know it very well and there for we are able to provide our clients high qualified and selected personnel.

Our Team

Our team is composited by specialized and qualified technician for meet the needs customers, offering services of technical, technological and scientific support.

Our staff is composed of Clients Representatives, Cable Engineer, Surveyor, Senior Surveyor, Party Chief, Data Processor, and CAD Operator. We have experienced staff with the following software: QINsy, NaviPac, HYDROpro, NAVPRO, PDS2000, ArcGIS, AutoCAD, ESPADON, AUTOCHART and others. Our staff has followed rigorous training programs, which are updated periodically, based on the needs of the market and our customers. Thanks to this internal training activity, we were able to develop a business sector that is also involved in external training, with our courses "Basic Course of Hydrographic Surveyor" and "Cable Engineer Training Course."